Interesting Facts About Richardson Moles That Will Surprise You!

Moles are unique and interesting Richardson creatures that spend most of their time hidden underground. They will usually dig when hunting for their food or extending their burrows. They are mammals that you can encounter in various parts of the world. You will normally think that they are type of garden pests due to their destructive digging habit. While they may spend a great deal of their time underground, they are not blind.

Appearance of the Mole

Moles have pointed and hairless snout, they have a tiny eyes and their ears will not be visible that gives them the unique appearance. The moles can grow at around 4.4-6.25 inches from their rump to their snout. The length of their tail is about 1 inch. They can weigh at about 2.5-4.5 oz. The moles that you may encounter in the US are usually larger. They can grow at about 7 inches and will weigh at 4 oz. 


The Richardson moles are considered fossorial. They will forage and dwell underground in different surroundings like tunnels and burrows. They will love to dig on soils that are loose and has a high level of moisture. It is highly likely to encounter them on forests, orchards, meadows, and fields. They will also look for the places with plenty of vegetation and a good shade. The territorial range of the mole may reach at about 2.7 acre. Their burrows will be consists of a complex system that they can use on different purposes. The moles can thrive in different locations except on South America and Antarctica. They will avoid areas with high acid content and the mountainous areas.


The moles are solitary creatures and prefer to remain underground. They love to be alone. In fact, 5 Texas moles living within one acre is considered a lot. They will usually spend their entire time digging underground and hunting for foods. They will establish a permanent tunnel that has an opening of 2 inches in terms of its diameter. Temporary tunnels will be found right into the surface.


Some Texas people will think that the moles will create a burrow in order to eat the root of the plants. However, this is just a common misconception. The moles love the taste of the earthworms that they will eat large amount of them. For instance, if the mole weighs at around 3 oz, they will usually eat 2oz of earthworms. 

During the breeding season, the Richardson mole will enlarge their burrows in order to accommodate a higher number of female moles. After a successful copulation, the mother mole will create a nest that is made from dried plant matters. The mother mole will then give birth to about 4-5 baby moles. They will depend upon their mother for about 5 weeks. Any abandoned moles during this stage will most possibly die. Moles do not have a destructive nature but their incessant digging habit can actually cause structural damages. Be sure that you will perform exclusion the moment you notice the first sign of their infestation.

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