Effective Ways to Keep Texas Armadillos Out of Your Gorgeous Yard Today!

The Richardson armadillos digging habit can lead to different damages. You will need to keep them at bay in order to prevent these damages. Having a comprehensive plan will assist you in deterring their infestation and keep your yard safe from their threat. It is better to do preventative methods that dealing with the trouble of infestation. Let us discuss some of the methods that you may use.

Different Methods That Will Keep the Armadillos Out of the Yard

When conducting a preventative method, remember that the Texas armadillos are wanderers. Soon as you get rid of the armadillo that is infesting your yard, there will be another armadillo that may occupy your property in the next few days. This is why you should be able to maintain a preventative plan particularly for those who live in the areas that are densely populated with armadillos.


Some Richardson people do not prefer the use of fences since they may appear intrusive and can affect the aesthetic of your yard. However, this can be effective against the armadillo especially if you install it appropriately. The fence should be constructed properly in order to exclude these nuisance creatures from your yard. It should at least be 2 feet in terms of height. Bury it deep into the ground. It needs to be 1ft below that will prevent the armadillo from digging a tunnel.. 


There are not a lot of repellents that will work against the nuisance Texas creature. Most of them especially the electronic repellents are simply meant to scare the armadillo away. However, if you combined these deterrents to the other methods that we will mention here, these will be enough to keep your yard free from their infestation. One ideal repellent to use in an outdoor setting would be the electronic sprinkler that comes with a motion sensor. Sadly, this will only be effective against the armadillo that is above ground. The habit of the creature to sleep for 16 hours inside the burrow can make it difficult to find the suitable type of deterrent.


In case the armadillo has made it inside your yard, it is time to get rid of them using the trapping device. We recommend the use of live traps to remove them manually without harming them. When trapping an armadillo, you do not necessarily need bait but you need to consider the placement of the trap. You should observe the movement of the armadillo for a few times in order to determine the common path that they are using. The success of trapping them will largely depend upon the placement of the trap. For instance, you may place it outside the main entrance of their burrow. 

Perhaps the best way to keep them away from our Richardson yard is to eliminate the things that are attracting them. If there is a large amount of insects in your yard, it is time to control the insect’s population. You should also clear the fallen fruit since it can also invite the unwanted guest in your yard.

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